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DisaterAlert App Review for BlackBerry

disasteralert1 166x300 DisaterAlert App Review for BlackBerryIn today’s world it seems like there is a disaster around every corner. Whether it’s an earthquake, flood, tsunami, terrorist attack, or any other disaster it’s hard to keep up to date. Sure, you can watch the news when you get home, but there’s a large portion in the day that you could be out of the loop. Well a new app for BlackBerry is changing that. DisasterAlert, by Skylab Mobilesystems, is an app that can alert you instantly of any major disaster.

The app is designed to alert users when a disaster is occurring. At first, I was under the impression it was meant to warn you if you’re in the path of a disaster. But after some thought, if you need to be told there’s a hurricane outside then you probably deserve to get hit by it anyways.

However, the app can be used to keep you up to date on disasters occurring around the world. The majority of us won’t know about tsunamis in the eastern world or earthquakes in Asia until the next morning’s news. And arguably most of us wouldn’t need to know right away. But, what if you’re someone with family or friends in the effected area? Personally, I would feel much more secure knowing exactly when the disaster struck, instead of waiting a day to find out.

The app claims to be updated frequently with both natural and man made disasters. And it appears to be doing a good job. Obviously, I don’t see using this app as a personal alert system. However, I can see using it to keep me updated on events around the world.

disasteralert2 166x300 DisaterAlert App Review for BlackBerryAll in all this is a pretty neat app. Its very user friendly with a touch and click menu. You can also view BlackBerry maps of where the disaster took place. The app can be bought in either a six month or one year subscription. The price for this app is where it lost me. At $25 for six months, it just doesn’t seem worth it. But check it out today and decide for yourself!

Rating: 4/5 star DisaterAlert App Review for BlackBerrystar DisaterAlert App Review for BlackBerrystar DisaterAlert App Review for BlackBerrystar DisaterAlert App Review for BlackBerryblank star DisaterAlert App Review for BlackBerry 

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