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DriveSafe.ly App Review: Saving lives?

drivesafe1 225x300 DriveSafe.ly App Review: Saving lives?I recently wrote an article pertaining to driving while texting. Well, browsing the new apps MobiMadness.com has to offer, I came across an app that complimented that previous article perfectly. An app that can literally save lives by reading incoming texts and emails out loud. Now I’m pretty confident the developers didn’t decide to make this app just for me, but I’m glad that it’s been released!

DriveSafe.ly is a new app with an awesome concept. The app automatically reads incoming texts and emails out loud while you’re driving. Most of us would be lying if we said we haven’t at one point or another read a text while driving. Well you might not know that a lot of injuries and even deaths are caused because of people who do this. In fact, your driving is 51% more impaired while on the phone than it is while mildly intoxicated on alcohol.

DriveSafe.ly is an app that can prevent much of these accidents. Once you install the app it’s super easy to use. You simply open it up before you start your car and hit the on button. Then, if you get an email or text while you’re driving the app will read it to you. First it reads the person who sent it and then the message. A computer generated human-like voice reads the messages.

Now this app does have a few bugs. For starters, most texters don’t follow perfect English. Consequently, the app will sometimes become confused on certain words and phrases. Secondly, when you get spam email or a long email, you have to listen to the entire email. An optional “skip” feature in which you could say “skip” would be a great addition.

You have a few options to change around in the settings menu that include: an automatic text back response, set time out duration, and play messages through on demand. The neatest feature, automatic text back, will automatically reply for you so the sender won’t have to wait for a response.drivesafe2 225x300 DriveSafe.ly App Review: Saving lives?

All in all this is an app backed by a fantastic idea, but needs some bugs worked out. If you’re someone whose constantly using their phone while driving, I say buy it now! You can’t put a price on safety! But for $13.95 you might want to wait till the bugs get fixed.

Rating: 4/5 star DriveSafe.ly App Review: Saving lives?star DriveSafe.ly App Review: Saving lives?star DriveSafe.ly App Review: Saving lives?star DriveSafe.ly App Review: Saving lives?blank star DriveSafe.ly App Review: Saving lives? 

buynow cat DriveSafe.ly App Review: Saving lives?

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