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DVD to GO application Review: A must Read!

dvdtogo1 300x216 DVD to GO application Review: A must Read!We all have a favorite movie that we could take with us everywhere we go. Something we could watch on a business trip or road trip to kill some time. But you don’t want to spend the money on a portable DVD player. Well how about getting DVD movies directly onto your BlackBerry. But that’s not possible right? Wrong! Now it is thanks to DVD to GO from Softatics.

You can now turn your BlackBerry into a pocket entertainment system. DVD to GO is a revolutionary new application that converts DVDs into small movie files that you can play on your BlackBerry. All you need is a computer and some media files or your favorite DVDs. The application turns any DVD, AVI, MPEG, WMV, and other types of media into a file that can be stored and played on your device. You don’t need any extra software for your PC or BlackBerry. A 128 MB memory card can hold one standard DVD, or a 1 GB memory card can hold about ten hours of video. You’ll never be bored while traveling again!

The app also comes with a few more amazing features. One, you set the recording time of the file. So you can save space by skipping previews, commercials, and credits. Or you can record a specific part of a file to show other people. You can also change languages, add subtitles, and change screen format using the DVD menu. So you don’t have to watch widescreen movies on your already small screen. You can make a file fit the exact size of your screen so you get the most out of your movies.

The app comes with a wizard to guide you into transferring your files. So anyone can do it. It also comes with a complete offline manual so incase you get lost you can still find some help.

The application adds an entire new level of convenience and usefulness to your BlackBerry. It truly makes the BlackBerry the ideal phone for the traveling business man and anyone who travels. Because the application is advanced it does come with somewhat of a high price tag at $17.95. However, compare that price to a portable DVD player and it’s a steal! This is one of the best applications I’ve ever reviewed and recommend it for any and everyone.

Note: Mac users are at a disadvantage because the software can not be used on them.

Rating: 5/5 star DVD to GO application Review: A must Read!star DVD to GO application Review: A must Read!star DVD to GO application Review: A must Read!star DVD to GO application Review: A must Read!star DVD to GO application Review: A must Read! 

buynow cat DVD to GO application Review: A must Read!

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