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English Dictionary and Thesaurus App Review

dictionaryAsk any Teacher or concerned parent today and they’ll tell you that the English language has all but slipped. A world full of texting, instant messaging and online chatting has driven our youth into a state of bad grammar and misspelling. Well you don’t have to be an adult who can barely spell. And you don’t have to carry around a dictionary and thesaurus! All you need is the English Dictionary and Thesaurus App by Chocolate Chunk Apps.

The first step you’ll need to take after buying this app is downloading the dictionary data. The developers recommend connecting to your WiFi for best, quickest results. Once you have all the data downloaded to your device, you’re ready to surf the world of words.

Unlike most dictionary apps for BlackBerry written in plain text, this app writes all of its text in html. Doing this gives the app a better look and flow, as well as the ability to add links to words and other pages, which puts this app a step above the others.

To search for a word, simply open the app and type it in. You also have the option to switch between dictionary and thesaurus depending on what you want to do. The app runs extremely smooth and is backed with a data base of over 1.6 million words.

All in all, this app did exactly what I expected it to do. I didn’t find any major flaws or operating problems. At a sale price of $5.99 it might seem a little expensive. But if you compare that to a new dictionary and thesaurus it’s a bargain. So check it out now!

Rating: 4/5 ★★★★☆ 

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