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FishNFun Game Review for BlackBerry

Are you an angler? Maybe you’re someone who’s absolutely addicted to fishing and can’t get enough of it. Remember those little hand-held fishing games they use to have, the one where you actually cast and reeled to catch a fish? Well unfortunately, you can’t yet get an app like that for your BlackBerry. But there is an app that will get you close! FishNFun, by e-Mobile Software, Inc., is the new pocket fishing game for everyone with a BlackBerry. And the best part is no body of water is needed!fishnfun1 300x225 FishNFun Game Review for BlackBerry

FishNFun is a game with a simple premise; catch as much fish as you can. For starters, you’re the captain of a tiny little rowboat assail in a sea of tropical reefs, large and small fish, and the occasional electric eel. Navigate around the water via your track ball. Once you find a good place to drop your line, click the track ball to do so. Then hope and wait that you get a bite! The trick is to time it just write, so your line drops right in front of the mouth of a hungry fish.

To make it a little more challenging; the game threw in two curveballs. The first, the game is timed. The time bar at the top right of the screen will whither away as time passes. Your obvious goal is to catch as many fish as you can before time runs out. But make sure you look at the fish before you try to catch them, because one of them might be fatal! The second curveball, electric eels! Those little blue menaces swimming around on the screen aren’t harmless little fish, but aquatic killers charged with enough volts to fry your little angler!

The graphics for this game are well done, with an extreme attention to detail. However, because so much was packed onto a small screen, there’s a time it can appear a little busy and fuzzy. Your lives, level, target, and time are all displayed across the top the screen. Your target is how many fish you need to catch to proceed to the next level.

All in all this is an extremely fun, addicting game. The only downside is its high price tag of $6.95. Chances are I could grab a handful of games for about the same price. But that doesn’t necessarily mean this is a bad buy. On the contrary, I can see this game passing hours of time. It’s great for when you’re waiting at the airport or something like that. So I say, check this game out via the free trial, chances are you’ll get hooked!

Fishnfun2 300x198 FishNFun Game Review for BlackBerry

Rating: 5/5 star FishNFun Game Review for BlackBerrystar FishNFun Game Review for BlackBerrystar FishNFun Game Review for BlackBerrystar FishNFun Game Review for BlackBerrystar FishNFun Game Review for BlackBerry 

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