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Twice Game Review: Logic Game for BlackBerry

twice1 Twice Game Review: Logic Game for BlackBerryMost of us go throughout our daily lives without every truly challenging our minds. Sure, we work and do daily activities, but is that really exercising our brains? Usually, we just go home and turn our brains to mush by sitting in front of the TV. Well maybe its time we start exercising our brains on a daily basis. But you don’t need to do complicated work sheets or long tests. As the sang goes, “there’s an app for that”. Well now there’s an app that can keep your brain in shape. Twice, by Herocraft, is a new app that’s sure to keep your brain thinking.

Twice is a game that’s designed around the old style of matching two images. All you do is flip the cards and try to match pairs of the same image. For example, flip one card and see a diamond, then try to find the other card that has the diamond. Don’t get it right the first time; just remember what image was on each flipped card so you can match it up later.

It’s hard to make a game like this interesting, with such a basic premise. However, this app threw in a few different game plays that keep users wanting more. For starters, you can choose to play a timed game. You’re given a set amount of time to find all or as many of the matches you can. Your score is then based on how quickly you find all the matches. The second type of game play is a little different. There’s no time limit, but there is a limit of how many guesses you get. So use your chances wisely or you’ll run out of guesses! The last type of game play is the most user-friendly. You don’t have a set time limit or number of guesses; you just go till you get them all. But because it lacks challenge, this game play can get a little boring.

What puts this game above any other type of card flipping game is its interface. With graphics that are easily above the standard, this game stays interesting and there’s always something to look at. The navigation doesn’t get any easier; all you do is point and click via the track ball. You’re score is kept in the top right corner. The entire game is tied together with a theme that reminds me of a Mayan temple, with its golden tiles.twice2 225x300 Twice Game Review: Logic Game for BlackBerry

All in all this is a fun game that can be good for the mind. Will it make you a genius? Most likely not. However, this app is great for passing time and having fun. I can see it being used in the airport, on the bus, or waiting for food. Now, the price is somewhat steep for a simple app like this at $3.99. But if you like games like this, then it’s worth the price!

Rating: 4/5 star Twice Game Review: Logic Game for BlackBerrystar Twice Game Review: Logic Game for BlackBerrystar Twice Game Review: Logic Game for BlackBerrystar Twice Game Review: Logic Game for BlackBerryblank star Twice Game Review: Logic Game for BlackBerry 

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