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GlowCaps: Pill Bottles that Phone Home from Vitality

glowcap blackberry GlowCaps: Pill Bottles that Phone Home from Vitality

Are you one of those people who gets in so much of a hurry that you forget  to take your daily medications?  Then GlowCaps from Vitality is for you.

Very simply, GlowCaps are little bottle caps that screw onto your medicine bottles and then when you forget to take your meds, they notify a receiver that plugs into the wall.  What happens next is actually pretty cool.glowcap bottle GlowCaps: Pill Bottles that Phone Home from Vitality

Here’s what the receiver does with the information it collects from the bottle cap:

  1. Notify you that you forgot to take your pills by flashing a light and making a sound
  2. Call a phone number and give you a verbal reminder  (hmm, I wonder if it says, “hey dufus, take your pills”?)
  3. Send a weekly email update to someone you designate to tell them that you are still taking your meds
  4. Tell on you by sending a report to your doctor when you exceed your daily dosage (how exactly does it know I didn’t take two out instead of one?)
  5. Last but not least, it will actually sent a message to your pharmacy to order refills when you get low

On the cool and useful medical device scale I give this a 5 out of 5 stars.

The kit is $99 but the company offers a FREE program called Stick-to-It.  For more information about this unique product go to http://www.rxvitality.com/glowcaps.html

Vitality GlowCaps from Vitality on Vimeo.

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