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Google App Review

google1 300x225 Google App ReviewKnowledge is power. And the highest level of knowledge world wide is contained into one single webpage represented by one single word, Google. Every major phone company has, or plans to release a phone with the capability to run the popular search engine. The only problem is you have to buy a new phone. The only clear alternative to this is utilizing text-answer companies like KGB or ChaCha, which still cost you a standard text messaging rate and are often ineffective. Well luckily, there’s a new way for BlackBerry owners to get Google directly onto their device.

The new Google Search app is literally Google on your phone. Because the app was developed by Google itself, you know you’re getting a quality item. This app places a button onto your menu that, when clicked, will automatically bring up your web browser with Google as the home page. The best part is there are no limitations compared to using Google on a computer. You can still search web pages, images, the local area, videos, blogs, news, books, and maps the only difference is you’re not tied down to any one location. All you need is a phone that connects to the internet, which typically comes standard on all BlackBerrys.

Google also allows you to search in thirty eight languages. So virtually anyone can use this app. Another great feature is the ability to search using voice. Turn your speaker phone on before running the app, and then say your query in English. Unfortunately, I did have a few problems with this feature. And it took Google four times of me repeating it to get it right.

Because Google knows where your phone is, you can search for restaurants or businesses without having to type in your address. However, if you’re coming from somewhere else, you’ll need to tell the app where you’re coming from.

The interface for this app is just like what you see on a computer screen. The graphics aren’t fantastic, but then again there isn’t much to look while searching. The load time of some videos and pictures did take awhile, but they came through eventually. The app is extremely easy to use. If you’ve used Google before then you’ll know what to do.

All in all this is a great tool to have on your BlackBerry. It’s always helpful when you need the answer to something, want to watch a funny video, or need directions. The application is completely free, so I recommend any and everyone checks it out.

Rating: 5/5 star Google App Reviewstar Google App Reviewstar Google App Reviewstar Google App Reviewstar Google App Review 

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