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Governors Say Jam Prison Cell Phones

Prisoner no cellphone 198x300 Governors Say Jam Prison Cell Phones

According to a new story coming out of AP News 20 state governors have signed a letter that would allow states to jam the cell phone signals coming out of prisons.

Apparently the prisoners have been smuggling contraband cell phones into prisons and continuing to direct illegal activities from behind bars.

Of course my first thought when reading this was, how exactly does one smuggle a cell phone into prison?  I honestly don’t want to know.

The bill has already been approved by a Senate committee and a full vote could come this fall.

Interestingly enough, a quick search on Amazon.com revealed a whole ton of cell phone jamming devices.  Some are even small enough to carry in your pocket and are billed as the solution for the guy next to you in the theater that wont stop answering his phone while you watch a movie.  Hmm, might have to get one of these.   [Amazon Link]

Followup:  Well great!  Turns out that blocking cell phone signals is ILLEGAL in the United States.  Click Here to see the actual FCC regulation.

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