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Go Green Theme for BlackBerry: An Eco Masterpiece?

gogreen1For starters, I should note that I’m extremely biased towards anything environmentally friendly. I’m studying to be an environmental engineer, I’m in my schools Go Green and Ecology club, and I drive a hybrid. So you can imagine my surprise and joy to find a theme for my BlackBerry that can express my love for the environment. The Go Green Theme, by Music’s BlackBerry, is perfect for me.

First of all, the theme starts off with a background of a grass field and a blue sky. In many minds, that’s what an environmentally friendly world would look like. Personally, the image gives me hope that one day the planet will resemble that.

Next, the icons are all transformed into simple, see through icons. The icons have just enough detail to identify what program they represent. However, they manage to maintain a clean, futuristic look.

Along the top of screen, you’ll see all the normal stats like battery life, clock, date, and signal strength. But the app does organize the look and cleans it up. And then sets all of the stats on a see through panel so you can still view the bright blue sky.

goreen2This theme functioned flawlessly and I was hard pressed to find any major problems. The only real issue I had was the price. As far as themes go I have a hard time paying more than three bucks or so. However, this app has a hefty price tag of $5.99. Maybe if the developers donated some money to actually help the Green movement I would buy this app. But for now it seems too pricey!

Rating: 4/5 ★★★★☆ 

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About the Author

I'm currently studying to become an environmental engineer. I love to write and often do so in my spare time. I love technology and would be lost without it, but still feel a strong connection to the outside world and nature.

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