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Guard your BlackBerry: Smart Lock and Wipe app Review

smartlockandwipe 300x225 Guard your BlackBerry: Smart Lock and Wipe app ReviewFor most of us, we can confidently say our entire life is on our BlackBerrys. Everything from emails, schedules, social networking information, conversations, call logs, and contacts our BlackBerry’s link us to the modern world. So you can imagine how quickly your world comes crashing down when you lose your BlackBerry. Or even worse when someone steals it. If you lose your BlackBerry then sure, a big part of your life is missing. But when it’s stolen, someone has access to your entire life. The thief could scan emails to get into your bank account, easily access your Facebook or Myspace account, and would have access to every contact on your list. So how do you prevent this from happening to you?

Smart Lock and Wipe, from Magilab, is an application that I believe every BlackBerry owner should have. Smart Lock and Wipe gives you the ability to remotely clear all of your data files and even your internal memory card. So if your device is stolen and you’re scared someone will use the information on it you can use this app to clear everything. The best part is you can do it from any mobile phone or computer using SMS, email, or your BlackBerry’s pin number.  That way the minute you know you’re not getting your phone back, you can clear the entire memory and save yourself from virtual identity theft.

This app will erase everything on your phone from emails, to call logs, texts, your internal memory, your SD card, your photos and more. It also has a bonus ‘alert’ feature that can guide you to your missing phone even when it’s on silent. In my opinion the makes the app worth buying in itself.

The interface for this app is simple and professional. Considering you’ll rarely see it, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. This app is easy to use, if you need to wipe the memory remotely it can be done in seconds. The only problem I really have with this app is trying it out. There was no way I was going to wipe my memory for the sake of a review, so I’m relying on Magilab to come through if anything ever does happen. But then again anything is better than sitting there without doing anything.

For the price of just $5.99 I would recommend this for every BlackBerry user and owner. Why not give your self security and safety? I personal bought this app for my own phone and my dads, because you’ll never know if and when your device will get stolen.

Rating: 5/5 star Guard your BlackBerry: Smart Lock and Wipe app Reviewstar Guard your BlackBerry: Smart Lock and Wipe app Reviewstar Guard your BlackBerry: Smart Lock and Wipe app Reviewstar Guard your BlackBerry: Smart Lock and Wipe app Reviewstar Guard your BlackBerry: Smart Lock and Wipe app Review 

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