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Here Boy! Dog Whistle App Review for BlackBerry

dogwhistle Here Boy! Dog Whistle App Review for BlackBerryMans best friend, our dogs, are an essential part of most of our daily lives. We can’t live without them. And although we all love the puppy years, they’re definitely a hassle. So we’ve tried taking the dogs to a trainer. But who has the extra time and money. Well how about training your dog at home. But you don’t know what your doing and you don’t have the tools to. Well you do now, and even better all you need is your BlackBerry and a handy little app. Dog Whistle from BBsoft is the pioneer application in dog training software for your BlackBerry.

Dog Whistle is a simple enough application to understand. The app plays three different kinds of whistles in two different settings. But these aren’t normal whistles. Because dogs have a super sense of hearing, they ignore normal human whistles. However, all of Dog Whistles sounds are extremely high pitched and designed specifically for dogs hearing. Although most humans can’t even hear dog whistles, most dogs can! However, I can hear all three of the whistles, and makes me curious as to if most people can.

You can use this application to train dogs to obey different commands depending on the different whistle. For example, two short bursts could mean sit compared to one long one that means roll over. Now, the application can’t single handedly train your dog. But it might be useful if you have a curious pooch who’s constantly running off. Just blow the whistle once they start to take off to establish a border. Eventually your dog will understand there’s an imaginary line they’re not supposed to pass.

The application is super easy to download and use. Select your whistle (I can’t tell you the difference between them) and then select your setting. You can choose between two different wave forms, one that is more frequent and one that’s more sporadic. Lastly, crank of the volume to your desired KHz.

I tested this application on my dog, and she seemed to show some alertness on every whistle that I played. I think with enough time and practice, you could probably use it to train your dog. But I think yelling at them would be just as easy. However, you can always use it to annoy class mates or co-workers!

Rating: 3/5 star Here Boy! Dog Whistle App Review for BlackBerrystar Here Boy! Dog Whistle App Review for BlackBerrystar Here Boy! Dog Whistle App Review for BlackBerryblank star Here Boy! Dog Whistle App Review for BlackBerryblank star Here Boy! Dog Whistle App Review for BlackBerry 

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