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How I Learned to Hate the Storm 2

Storm2 Poke Out Eye 300x195 How I Learned to Hate the Storm 2Ok folks, I have got to be completely honest here, I did not like the original BlackBerry Storm and I’m sick to death of seeing the never ending articles on the new Storm 2 (9550) that the other BlackBerry news sites insist on running!  Every day it’s another post that has a supposed pirated first look at this phone, with wifi, without wifi, it’s silver, no it’s black, now its got a can opener builtin, etc..

Why don’t I care?  Becaue if the endless videos and images are correct, this will be another BlackBerry with that god awful clickable screen.  But wait, this clickable screen is MUCH better than the last.  Seriously?  Can a clickable screen be better under any circumstance?  The original Storm is so bad at typing (big part of owning a BlackBerry) that I had to literally sit it on a table and hunt and peck the messages out.

Just Say No1 300x213 How I Learned to Hate the Storm 2Talk to any iPhone user and they will tell you the one thing about the iPhone they don’t like is the fact that it doesn’t have a keyboard.  Want more proof, just read our article, “Forty-Six Percent Prefer QWERTY Keyboards“.   So why for the love of God does RIM insist on producing a phone with a touch screen and no keyboard?  Heck, I would bite my right arm off and beat myself to death with it if my Tour could have a touch screen.

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