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Hungry? GrabABite App Review for BlackBerry

grababite1 225x300 Hungry? GrabABite App Review for BlackBerryEating is a large part of any culture. Whether you’re eating over a dining room table, in a dimly lit hut, or in the fanciest restaurant in the world, it’s a people experience. And one of the best ways to ensure that the experience is a good one is to eat fantastic food and be in the best setting possible. But how do you find a restaurant that includes all this. Start up the internet right? Well that’s all fine if you have access to a computer. But if you’re out on the town and are looking for a good place to eat what do you do? Simple, start up the GrabABite app on your BlackBerry!

GrabABite, by Volcari Software, is an app that brings hungry users together with potential dining establishments. Say you’re out with friends enjoying your night off. You already went bowling and to the movies, but now every one’s starting to get hungry. And you don’t want to just go to some burger joint or taco shop. Well you could just look around for nice restaurants, but you can’t tell if they’re any good just by looking at them. That’s where GrabABite comes in.

With GrabABite, you can enter your current location manually, or allow it to automatically enter using GPS. Then you can search for local restaurants in the area. Once you hit search, you’ll see a list of restaurants along with a bunch of details. At first glance, you can see the name, star rating, category, distance, and how many reviews a restaurant has. Then click on which restaurant looks most appealing to read even more details like the address and the phone number. And if you decide you want to make a reservation, you can even call the place from in the app! Some restaurants even have reviews posted that you can read. And you can check out the price range incase you’re on a budget.

The interface for this app is simple but impressive. With easy point-and-click navigation, clearly marked buttons, and no tech options, this app is extremely easy to use. The average BlackBerry user will get the hang of it in about ten seconds.grababite2 225x300 Hungry? GrabABite App Review for BlackBerry

All in all this app was an excellent addition to my BlackBerry. But when I can see this app really coming through is on vacation. If you find yourself in a downtown area you’re not familiar with and you’re starving, this app could be a lifesaver. Or if you’re out of town on a business meeting and need to find a place to take clients, this app could be a deal breaker! So why not spend the $4.99, because chances are you’ll get plenty of use out of it!

Rating: 5/5 star Hungry? GrabABite App Review for BlackBerrystar Hungry? GrabABite App Review for BlackBerrystar Hungry? GrabABite App Review for BlackBerrystar Hungry? GrabABite App Review for BlackBerrystar Hungry? GrabABite App Review for BlackBerry 

buynow cat Hungry? GrabABite App Review for BlackBerry

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