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iPad Giant Diappointment for Apple Fans

ipad sucks OS 4 300x225 iPad Giant Diappointment for Apple FansWell with all of the hype leading up to the actual “big day” it’s no wonder that over half the people I interviewed today regarding the actual announcement were disappointed. Why? Simple. Most people, myself included had expected, well….more. By more I mean we wanted to see Apple finally take their heads out of the sand and admit that the relationship with AT&T was a mistake. Ok sure, you have this really neat giant iPhone, which can’t dial out, doesn’t have a microphone, camera, usb ports, bluetooth or a million other things that someone would expect, but then to announce that you are going to keep it on the AT&T network? Well Apple if this weren’t par for the course, we would be surprised. So if you read this and wonder, gee how did we go wrong, then you are even blinder than we thought. But, let me spell it out for you. GET THE HELL AWAY FROM AT&T!!! We want Verizon you dimwits and we want a freakin memory slot, and a flash for our iPhone camera, and would a removable battery be to much to ask? Honestly, where were all the fantastic things we “thought” you were releasing for our iPhones??? Nada, zip, nil, nein, nope, nothing. Hell I would have gotten up and did a happy dance for you just adding Adobe Flash to my phone, but no, all you do is a cheerleader rally for die hard Apple tards and then take a giant dump on our heads and call it fantastic. Well I for one refuse to drink the cool-aid. The iPad looks really neat but honestly there’s not a chance in heck I would pay $499.00 for the giant iPhone clone that is nothing more than a glorified e-reader.
Want me to be excited? Quit trying to set the world on fire with innovation and make the damned iPhone do what it should already have been doing all along. Want another clue, why do you think over 50% of iPhone owners break their warranties by jailbreaking their phones? Because they are desperate to fix the S@#$& you keep ignoring.

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Daniel Black is the President and CEO of MobiMadness, Inc. Over the last 4 decades Dan has been an IT Director, Project Manager, Firefighter, EMT, and Army Staff Sergeant (retired).

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