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Another iPhone FanBoy Goes Down in Flames

iphone blackberry Another iPhone FanBoy Goes Down in Flames

Take a respectable online publication like The Business Insider, mix in questionable research and throw it together into an obvious iPhone fanboy article and what do you get?  Not less than instant loss of credibility.

This is exactly what happened to Rory Maher today when he put together one of the lamest “iPhone is great, BlackBerry sucks” articles in the world.   [Why Companies Are Switching From BlackBerry To iPhone]  Mr. Maher’s dribble is the closest thing to rape the written word has been subjected to in the history of the English language.

The article itself has some of the weakest, most pathetic “facts” ever seen online in some time and even makes David Eller at TownHall Research seem like a Pulitzer Prize winner.  [Analyst Who Wrote Tour 50% Returned Must Be Glue Sniffer]

But, while the article made me race to the medicine cabinet to induce vomiting, it was the brutal flaming that the BlackBerry community handed him in the comments that almost made this worth reading.

As a note, the article is supposedly an example of a “paid” service from The Business Insider called Digital Business Insider.  Might want to reconsider that idea guys, or at least vet the articles fully before publication.

In the article Mr. Maher states that there are 3 major reasons why, “Companies are switching from BlackBerry to iPhone”.  They are cost, international access and web surfing.

Each of these “reasons” have more holes than a cheese grater and the readers were quick to rip them open and pour a hefty helping of salt in to them.

Here are a couple of examples:

just-like-henry said:
as an ex analyst, this is pretty weak. really. if you tried to present this as research to the institutional sales desk, you would get laughed out of the morning meeting.
Henry, I know what you are trying to do here, but this type of “research” wont cut it.
and you need to be very careful here. if you try to sell a service that sucks, it will damage the good brand you have built with BI.
so my advice: sure, try to go more in depth, but this aint it, and no matter what , continue to offer it for free – that might be a great differentiator. You aren’t Gartner or Forester. so dont try to be.
randy s said:
I work in IT at the company that has the exclusive license to sell iPhones and even we don’t allow iPhones for internal corporate use. There is absolutely no security or encryption. They aren’t as reliable as the BB. You can also surf the internet on the BB. Most companies want to keep a tight leash on their emails and data so they WANT to manage their corporate data devices in-house. They would rather push security updates to their devices than depend on individual users to go to a website and download them. That being said, I love the iPhone for personal use.

Trust me there are more, but honestly, hold your nose and go read the article.

[source: The Business Insider]

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