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iPhone SD Reader…$58, huh?

zoom iphone sd iPhone SD Reader...$58, huh?

That’s right BlackBerry owners, that handy SD card slot you have your extra memory in costs iPhone owners $58 and they have had to wait until now to even have the “privilege” of buying one.

According to an article at 9to5Mac, a company named ZoomMedia has released a handy accessory (ZoomIT) for the iPhone that now allows it to access SD cards.  Of course you first have to pay $58, then plug it into the bottom of your iPhone to make it work.  But hey, it’s better than nothing, right?

Just another reason you have to feel sorry for iPhone users.  This sort of functionality is standard on most phones these days and it’s a shame the latest iPhones still don’t include it.  If Apple continues to turn a blind eye to the wants and needs of their customers, they will find someone else to spend their hard-earned money with.

As a followup, the new iPad “thing” also doesn’t include the ability to plug a memory card or even a USB flashdrive into it.  (iPad Giant Disappointment for Apple Fans)

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