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Update: iPhone Shattering, but NOT Records

shattered iphone 300x218 Update:  iPhone Shattering, but NOT Records

You know how I love to bash the iPhone, well the online phone news source MobileBurn.com (seriously) is reporting that iPhones are, in their words, “Exploding” in France.  At first I was as happy as a hog in slop, finally a companion story to my infamous, “New Secret Weapon for Military is an iPod“.  In that article we took one instance of an iPod literally exploding and made it out to be the next Manhattan Project.

Well this time apparently, there were TWO (2), that’s right TWO (2) reported instances of iPhones in which the screens spontaneously shatter.  Of course thoughts of the headlines that I could come up with were all on fire and then I got to the small print at the bottom.  Apparently it’s two out of 1.2 million iPhones sold in France.  ARE YOU SERIOUS??

Come on, you can just see this one happening.  Ah crap, the toddler smacked my iPhone into the ground again, what will I do?  I know, how about I claim the screen mysteriously shattered.  Ready two out of 1.2 million?

As much as I would LOVE to report that the iPhone is a death sentence for whomever uses it, this news is just plain nonsense.

Then again it is France.  Remember our story “Cheating Spouses Use Text Messages as Evidence“?  That was a French fiasco as well.

That’s it!  No more lame stories from the French.  Ok, maybe just a couple more.  These are so retarded, that in a warped way, they are entertaining.

As a note:  The image was found by just typing “iphone shattered” in Google images.  I bet this is one of the two. icon smile Update:  iPhone Shattering, but NOT Records

** Update 08-31-09**

Apple issued a statement to the AFP denying the allegations and stating that the devices exploded as a result of external pressure and are not a result of overheating batteries.

“As of today, there has been no confirmed incident linked to battery overheating in the iPhone 3GS,” the company said in a statement. “The iPhones with broken screens that we have been able to analyse so far show, in all cases, that the cracks were caused by an external pressure upon the iPhone.”

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