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iTwinge: Another Reason to Laugh at the iPhone

itwinge iphone blackberry iTwinge: Another Reason to Laugh at the iPhone

Ok, on the top of the “how pathetic is this” scale, I saw today that there is a new contraption for iPhone owners to help them with their typing accuracy.  The source of this humor is the iTwinge by Mobile Mechatronics.  The iTwinge is a plastic sleeve that has a rubber keyboard built-in and you use it by sliding your iPhone into the thing and wham you have a, oh yeah BlackBerry.

The company bills this monstrosity as a “transitory” product for users of other smartphones (hmm, BlackBerry?) that want to convert to the iPhone.  They go on to claim that on average it will improve typing speed by 30-40% and reduce typing errors by 70-80%.

So let me get this straight, iPhone users without this BlackBerry style keyboard make 70-80% more errors?  Heck I’ve got an even better solution that the iTwinge, how about replacing the pretend smartphone and buy a real BlackBerry.

Personally I would have named it iCringe.

itwinge iTwinge: Another Reason to Laugh at the iPhone

[source: Cellular-News]

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