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Jewel Blaster Game Review for BlackBerry

jewelblaster1 300x200 Jewel Blaster Game Review for BlackBerryAbout 50% of my BlackBerry is used for gaming purposes. Sure, BlackBerry offers thousands of useful, business type apps that are great. But, I just want to have a little fun. That being said, it’s hard to come by a game I would consider good. I tend to aim more towards the shooter variety. But one game that recently caught my attention was Jewel Blaster.

Now surely, the vast majority of us are familiar with the title, or at the very least its game style. At the birth of smartphone gaming there were simple games very similar to the modern day Jewel Blaster. The games goal is to get the high score. You do so by switching around colored jewels to group them with the same color. That’s as simple as it is. So why bring a retro game like this back? Because it’s actually fun!

Surprisingly, I found myself strangely addicted to reaching the high score, odd, considering the simplicity of this game. All you do is move and click using your trackball. The more jewels of the same color you match, the more points you get.

jewelblaster2 300x200 Jewel Blaster Game Review for BlackBerryThe graphics for this game are less then spectacular. The developers, 123berry, did attempt to give the game a modern look with 3d shapes and vibrant coloring; however it’s pretty clear there wasn’t much time spent on the game. Which brings me to the question of why was it so addicting?

I don’t have an answer to the question. All I know is I found myself playing this game in class, on the bus, in restaurants, and whenever I had time to pass. Now don’t expect hours of endless fun. But do expect to whip out Jewel Blaster whenever you have a few minutes to kill. For the price of $2.99 it’s definitely more then it should be. But check it out and maybe you’ll think otherwise.

Rating: 4/5 star Jewel Blaster Game Review for BlackBerrystar Jewel Blaster Game Review for BlackBerrystar Jewel Blaster Game Review for BlackBerrystar Jewel Blaster Game Review for BlackBerryblank star Jewel Blaster Game Review for BlackBerry 

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