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Latest Plazmic Content Developer Kit for BlackBerry Tour is a Disaster!!

Plane Crash Latest Plazmic Content Developer Kit for BlackBerry Tour is a Disaster!!We just reported that Plazmic (division of Research in Motion) had finally released an update to their Content Developer Kit (CDK) which would allow developers such as MobiMadness create themes for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 and the BlackBerry Curve 8520.  Unfortunately this release has more bugs than a $300 per month apartment in New York.

Below is an outline of the issues as posted on the official Plazmic forum by a user named CBillard:

There are a few limitations relating to themes for the BlackBerry 9600 Tour that are not addressed by the update patch that you should be aware of.  These issues will be addressed in the next full release of the Plazmic Content Developer’s Kit product.

1. When previewing a BlackBerry 9600 Tour theme on the simulator, a warning will be displayed saying that the theme/device combination is incompatible with the version of the simulator. However, if you continue with the preview, the theme will be displayed on the simulator.

2. Changes made to the “Button” elements of a theme will only affect dialog buttons.

3. Changes to the background and banner of both the incoming and active call phone screens will not be displayed when the theme is activated on the BlackBerry 9600 Tour.

4. The Application Center and Profiles (Medium) icons are missing from the BlackBerry 9600 Tour theme template. If you use “Change All Icons” on the “Theme the Application Icons” screen, Theme Builder will crash when the theme is exported.

5. The “Target OS” shown in the export panel of Theme Builder will display as 4.7 for the BlackBerry 9600 Tour even though the software version of the BlackBery 9600 Tour software is 4.7.1.

6. In order to uninstall the 4.7 update patch, you have to uninstall the update patch and uninstall the Plazmic Content Developer’s Kit v4.7.

This is honestly very disappointing and is not even good enough to be considered a patch, but should have more accurately been labelled a “Beta”.

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Daniel Black is the President and CEO of MobiMadness, Inc. Over the last 4 decades Dan has been an IT Director, Project Manager, Firefighter, EMT, and Army Staff Sergeant (retired).

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  1. Tim@BlackBerryThemeSales says:

    I downloaded the “update” and although it did allow me to export Tour (9630) themes, they are not anything I would release to the public. Dan’s post has a list of “problem areas” with this update, does Plazmic not have any quality control in what they release with their name on it? This “update” is nothing more than a beta version teaser to pacify the masses who have been boiling that some developers have already gotten the CDK and the ability to release Tour themes. This is not any different than Plazmic’s supposed “leaked” 4.7 version that had more bugs than a junkyard mutt. It seems only logical to me that when a new model of BlackBerry is released Plazmic should release the next version of CDK that is compatible with the new model because you know they have to have it.


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