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LaughAtFirstSight Comic App Review

comic1 229x300 LaughAtFirstSight Comic App ReviewAre daily lives are so filled with business and stress that we need a daily escape, a way to just laugh our troubles away. Well, a lot of us turn to the television to catch a quick laugh. But what if you’re no where near your television, like in the office or out of the house? Well now you can get a quick laugh anywhere using your BlackBerry and the new LaughAtFirstSight app.

The current LaughAtFirstSight app is a lite version, meaning it’s completely free. The app is basically a virtual comic strip. Take the comic section off of any newspaper and put in on your BlackBerry screen and that’s it. For starters, you obviously have to be someone who enjoys comics in order to enjoy this app. With a series of different contributing writers, chances are there’s a type of comic series out there for everyone.

You start up the app and browse through comics by category, or writer. Once you find something you like, just click the link to read it. The graphics in this app come through pretty well and it makes for easy reads.

The navigation for this app is relatively simple. Move and click via the track ball. The downside to this app is that’s basically all the options you have. Read comics and that’s it. Now, because this is still a lite version, I’m not dooming it yet. However, I hope the developers add some type of bonus features.

All in all this app is worthwhile if you’re someone who enjoys comics. For the extremely low price of absolutely free, it’s one of those “why not?” apps. But I wouldn’t recommend taking up valuable space on your BlackBerry if you’re not an avid fan of comics.comic2 LaughAtFirstSight Comic App Review

Rating: 3/5 star LaughAtFirstSight Comic App Reviewstar LaughAtFirstSight Comic App Reviewstar LaughAtFirstSight Comic App Reviewblank star LaughAtFirstSight Comic App Reviewblank star LaughAtFirstSight Comic App Review 

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