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Lindsay Lohan’s BlackBerry Abducted by Aliens

Lindsay Lohan Temper Tantru 300x300 Lindsay Lohans BlackBerry Abducted by Aliens

You know honestly I’m so bored with this smack head and her retardation that I had to make up a stupid title just to motivate myself to write this post.  Ok so Lindsay Lohan’s BlackBerry wasn’t abducted by aliens, but it was withheld from her just long enough for her to have a patented LiLo meltdown.

The real story is that Lohan reportedly left her BlackBerry (shame shame) at the Mott Corner Deli. The basket-case actress (I use the  term actress sparingly) reportedly went crazy when she returned to reclaim the phone, but the cashier refused to hand it over to her until he was sure it was Lohan’s.

Apparently the cashier, Mohammad Hashan, made the mistake of not recognizing her highness and actually had the good common sense to verify ownership before relinquishing the phone to the first whack job that demanded it.

I suppose, if Mohammad had known who she was, he might have reconsidered his decision.  Not because she’s a star, but because she has a history of hurting people with moving vehicles.

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