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Love is in the AIR for BlackBerry – Adobe Style

blackberry adobe air iphone Love is in the AIR for BlackBerry   Adobe Style

Abode announced that they are bringing their AIR technology to mobile devices which will help developers easily build apps on multiple mobile platforms simultaneously.

AIR is software that leverages Adobe’s Flash web browser technology and allows developers to use the same base code on multiple mobile phone platforms.  So a game made for BlackBerry will easily port over to Android for instance.   This will essentially cement Adobe on the front line of development and make sure Adobe’s Flash technology doesn’t become obsolete.

This new functionality is reported to be released in 2010 as part of Flash 10.1 on smartphones.  Most every smartphone will have Flash 10.1 by the end of 2010 except one notable exception, that being the iPhone.  Steve Jobs has essentially pissed on the head of Adobe several times lately, openly and vehemently.  Jobs says Adobe is “lazy” and that Apple will not use Flash on it’s iPhone and instead move toward HTML 5.

Adobe says that 70 partners are actively involved with AIR development and deployment, so this should bring a rich and diverse array of new apps to the BlackBerry in the not so distant future.

[source: SFGate]

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