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Man Charged with Filming a Person’s Private Parts without Consent

Escalator Pervert BlackBerry Man Charged with Filming a Persons Private Parts without ConsentNo seriously folks this is too bizarre to make up, but that’s exactly what a court in Hornsby Australia charged a man with.  Allegedly (I love that word) the man was following young girls as they rode the escalator and was using his BlackBerry to film their “private parts”. According to the article when Police checked the man’s laptop, they found hundreds of the images.

So when I read this two thoughts came to mind right away. In Australia don’t girls wear underwear and secondly, how pathetic does you life have to be, that you resort to this kind of behavior?

This is a perfect case, where if found guilty (HA!), this guy should be flown to a remote island and dumped off. Give him a few random FedEx packages and a Wilson soccer ball.

Now I know my loyal readers are wondering why I chose this to report as “news”. Well for one its been a really slow weekend for BlackBerry related stories and more importantly, I knew I could have a lot of fun making a custom “MobiMadness” image for this article.

[source: The Daily Telegraph]

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