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Maxwell’s Demon Game Review for BlackBerry

maxdemon0 178x300 Maxwell’s Demon Game Review for BlackBerryThere’s a whole host of games available for BlackBerry, so how do users pick one? Well the best way is to browse the Mobimadness shop and read the reviews. Well, as I was browsing for my daily app to review, I came across a game called Maxwell’s Demon. Now apparently the name has some scientific history behind it, but in all honesty I could care less about that. I was more concerned about the actual game play itself.

In Maxwell’s Demon, a game by Aion, you play the part of a scientist who has to separate atoms. You corral similar colored atoms together. Do this by moving the bar with the opening in it up and down. The ultimate goal is to get all of a specific colored atom on the same side. The atoms continually bounce around off the walls.

The interface is pretty simple, imagine a pong game with multiple balls and that’s what this game looks like. All you do is use your track ball to move the wall and position it so atoms can go through the gap. Obviously the graphics aren’t anything spectacular.

Your time, level, and score are all displayed across the bottom of the screen. The developers claim to have an endless amount of levels, but I didn’t play the game long enough to find out.

All in all the game is enough to keep you distracted for about 5 or 10 minutes, but you’ll eventually get bored. For $.99 I personally wouldn’t spend the money on it. But maybe this game will release the inner scientist and you and you’ll love it. Check it out now!

maxdemon1 150x300 Maxwell’s Demon Game Review for BlackBerry

Rating: 2.5/5 star Maxwell’s Demon Game Review for BlackBerrystar Maxwell’s Demon Game Review for BlackBerryhalf star Maxwell’s Demon Game Review for BlackBerryblank star Maxwell’s Demon Game Review for BlackBerryblank star Maxwell’s Demon Game Review for BlackBerry 

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