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Modern WarBerr 2 Theme Review for BlackBerry

Modernwarberr Modern WarBerr 2 Theme Review for BlackBerryYou started out as a British Operative attempting to secure a nuclear device onboard an enemy freight ship. Then you became a Scottish sniper sneaking behind enemy lines for the perfect shot. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a game of legend among avid Xbox and Playstation users world wide.  The console game responsible for sweeping the nation is now available as a theme on select Blackberry’s.

We all remember the first glance of Modern Warfare as we put the disc in the tray and hit start. Surprisingly it wasn’t an intense fire fight or an exploding helicopter. It was one of the most well done menu screens in the history of combat games. It had the appearance of being seen through night vision goggles and had the feelings of a top secrets document for government eyes only.

Well thanks to Law’s Designs you can bring that feeling directly to your BlackBerry Curve with the Modern WarBerr 2 theme. The theme was designed much like the in game menu for the console game. It gives the appearance of a military document by using neon green lettering and neon orange numbers and symbols. Every time I took out my phone I felt like I was holding a gadget fresh out of the Marines Research and Development labs.

The theme installs in a few minutes and is easy to use. It replaces your background with a black background to better highlight the neon symbols. Most of the application symbols are simplified with orange neon outline of what the application does (for example the video camera application turns into the outline of a simple video camera). When you select an application it turns into neon green with a box around it making it easy to see where you’re at. The clock also changes into a bright orange numbering that comes right out of military movies everywhere.

I would recommend the theme for any gamer out there and even anyone wanting to feel like a special agent. For the small price of only $2.50 it’s definitely worth the purchase.

Rating: 4/5 star Modern WarBerr 2 Theme Review for BlackBerrystar Modern WarBerr 2 Theme Review for BlackBerrystar Modern WarBerr 2 Theme Review for BlackBerrystar Modern WarBerr 2 Theme Review for BlackBerryblank star Modern WarBerr 2 Theme Review for BlackBerry 

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