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Name This Country Game Review

countrygame1 176x300 Name This Country Game ReviewAre you a world traveler? Have you walked the streets of France, eaten in an authentic Italian bistro, or seen the Great Wall of China? Well if you haven’t been lucky enough to see the countries of the world then now you can. All you need is your BlackBerry and a few extra bucks and you can see every country in the world, or at least the general shape of them. Name This Country from AMobile is a new application that quizzes you to see if you know what the countries of the world look like.

Name This Country is a quiz style game that’s fun and addicting. Your shown maps with a highlighted country on it and you have to pick that countries name out of four choices. Get the correct answer and you rack up some points, but miss one and you get point towards your mistake board. You have three chances to get the answer. Get it the first time and you get three points, second time earns your two, and third try gets you one. All incorrect answers are turned red and correct ones become green. The ultimate goal of the game is finish all fifty questions of a basic game without making any mistakes. Do this and you’ll end up with an impressive score and the unofficial title of Master of the World.

The game play is easy; all you do is select your answer off of a list. The layout and style is attractive with a large map on the left side and your score and choices on the right. A great feature about this game compared to other mapping games, is its multiple choice. So you don’t have to worry about spelling. The game auto saves so you can quit and come back to it later. It’s also offered in seven different languages covering the majority of BlackBerry owners.

I would recommend this game for people who enjoy the quiz style of gaming. It’s obviously not ideal for action gamers. But I enjoyed it and found it addicting. It’s a little challenging at first, especially the Middle East and African countries. But once you play a few games you’ll start getting more and more. The game cost $2.99 and I would say it’s worth it.

Rating: 4/5 star Name This Country Game Reviewstar Name This Country Game Reviewstar Name This Country Game Reviewstar Name This Country Game Reviewblank star Name This Country Game Review 

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