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New BlackBerry Codename Mr T: Touchscreen with Keyboard

mr t blackberry storm New BlackBerry Codename Mr T: Touchscreen with Keyboard

Well if our friend Alejandro Salomon (Salomondrin) is correct, then Research in Motion is working on a touchscreen phone with a real keyboard codename Mr. T.

The details are a little light, ok almost nonexistent, but that’s good enough for me.  A touchscreen BlackBerry with a full keyboard is my dream phone and I will personally sell a kidney on eBay to buy it.

The one main item of note is that the keyboard will come from underneath and not be a flip out one like on the Sidekick.

One quick note, the phone in the picture is something I made up and is NOT a real picture.  However the picture of Mr. T is real.  Just thought I would clear that up now.

[source: The Cool Guy Report]

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