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It’s Official – Google and Verizon Team Up on Android Powered Phones

google verizon android Its Official   Google and Verizon Team Up on Android Powered Phones

Eric Schmidt, left, CEO of Google, and Lowell McAdam, CEO of Verizon Wireless

Well it looks like all of the rumors are true folks, Verizon is indeed going to offer not one, but two Android powered phones this year.   Since this is October already, that means we will likely see these released early December so they catch the Christmas purchasing frenzy.

For those that don’t know Android is the open source operating system from Google that has been described as the best of Apple’s iPhone and RIM BlackBerry all rolled into one.

I for one am actually very eager to get my hands on one as they are reported to have both touchscreen and full keyboards.  Which is a combination that has be salivating just thinking about it.

As if that weren’t enough salt to rub in Apple’s already festering wounds, Lowell McAdam, Verizon Wireless’s chief executive, said the new phones will also included Google Voice, which just happens to be the application that Apple rejected and then lied about rejecting.

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