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One day in the Life of My BlackBerry!

blackberry curve 8330 300x300 One day in the Life of My BlackBerry!Recently, I was sitting in a car on a long road trip playing a game on my BlackBerry. I suddenly started pondering about how much I use my BlackBerry. Looking back on the day I realized I’d been doing something or another with my phone non-stop. And then it hit me, BlackBerry’s are more than just a phone. So the next day I decided to record everything I do with my BlackBerry in a regular day, and was surprised to see how much I use it.

It’s 6:30 AM on a Monday and I’m soundly sleeping. But my pillow starts shaking and I’m stirred awake. Not even a minute after I get up I’m already using my BlackBerry. How? I’m using it as an alarm clock. I hate the typical alarm clock that screams in your ear to wake up. So, I set my BlackBerry on vibrate and turn the alarm clock on. It’s a great way to gently shake myself awake and start my morning off right.

After getting ready for the day I sit down at the dining room table and start eating breakfast. I glance at the newspaper considering reading it but decide it’s too much work holding and turning the pages. Instead I whip out my trusty BlackBerry and browse my local, national and international news using only one finger, leaving a free handing for my cereal. Then I check my email real quick, avoiding having to wait for my computer to start up. Lastly, I check the weather for the day, making sure there are no unexpected surprises.

Next I head out to my car and head to school. As I’m sitting in traffic I remember I didn’t do my homework. So I quickly text a friend, using my BlackBerry of course, and ask for the page numbers. When I finally get to the parking lot and park I see a friend who bought a new car. So I curiously wonder over and am stricken with another BlackBerry influenced idea. I posed in front of the new car and took a picture using my phone. Now I had a picture to show off and pretend I owned a nice car.

Unfortunately, I had to go to my class next, and mobile phones weren’t allowed. So I turned my phone on silent and headed into the wonderful world of education. I sit in class for about twenty minutes listening to my teacher go on and on about something. Then, without even thinking, I reach into my pocket, take out my BlackBerry, and start playing a game. Even when I shouldn’t be, I’m using my BlackBerry. Eventually, I got through my classes and finally made it to lunch.

foodfight.jpg One day in the Life of My BlackBerry!I’m sitting at my usual table with my friends enjoying my lunch while checking my email on my BlackBerry. When out of the corner of my eye I catch a sandwich fly by. Suddenly the skies above me were filled with flying food and I found myself trapped in a massive food fight. What did I do? The logical thing of course, start video taping it! I crouched under the nearest table for shelter and used my BlackBerry to capture the entire beauty that is a high school food fight.

Once the food war was over and it was safe to once again move around the cafeteria, I texted anyone and everyone I could to inform them of what happened. For those who were in class or absent from the cafeteria, I quickly sent them the video. Then I logged onto my Facebook and posted it for the world to see.

Later that day, after I got home, I was sitting on the catch watching TV. I started getting hungry, but wanted to try something new. But I didn’t want to wait for my computer to start up to find a place to eat. So I took out my BlackBerry and started a restaurant finder application. Within minutes I found a new place to eat. Then I used my BlackBerry’s maps app to find the quickest route to the restaurant. After I finished stuffing my face I got the bill. I’ll be the first to admit I suck at math, so I stared at the bill wondering how much the tip would be. I considered various amounts but couldn’t settle on one. So I once again turned to my BlackBerry, this time using the calculator.maps 300x268 One day in the Life of My BlackBerry!

At the end of the day, I crawled in bed, plugged my phone in to charge, and fell asleep knowing I would wake up the next day thanks to my BlackBerry. We all love our BlackBerry’s for multiple reasons, but do you know what those reasons are? Try living a day in the life of your BlackBerry and see how much you can’t live without it!

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I'm currently studying to become an environmental engineer. I love to write and often do so in my spare time. I love technology and would be lost without it, but still feel a strong connection to the outside world and nature.

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