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Phones and Driving Don’t Mix: My Personal Accord

accident 300x294 Phones and Driving Dont Mix: My Personal AccordWe’ve all heard the tragic stories of people killed or injured in car accidents because someone was driving and on the phone. But chances are most of us just shake it off and say it will never happen to us. Well, you can do that if you want. But I never will again. The other day I experienced first hand the dangers of looking at your phone and driving, and now I will never text while driving.

It was a nice day out, and my father and I were heading to lunch. Now the first thing you might notice is the fact that I’m not driving, my dad is. So all those hypocritical parents out there who tell their kids to drive safely might want to listen up! Now my father’s not an avid texter, but he does own a BlackBerry that he uses for business and such. However, the one thing he always does on his device is check the scores of sports games. Well on this particular day there happened to be a game involving his favorite baseball team.

So, reluctant at first, I managed to drag him away from the TV set just long enough to go grab some lunch. We’re driving down the road, listening to the baseball scores when the station goes out for some mysterious reason. But we pull up to a red light so my dad decides to checkout what the scores are on his BlackBerry.

Now, personally I don’t text and drive, I’ve had too many close calls. So I told my dad to pay attention to the road. But, of course he didn’t listen and started surfing the latest scores. The light turned green and he noticed and started to pull forward. But he didn’t notice the Chevy truck that didn’t appear to be slowing down coming from the right side.textinganddriving1 Phones and Driving Dont Mix: My Personal Accord

I yelled “DAD” at the top of my lungs as soon as I saw the truck, fully knowing our minivan didn’t stand a chance. I think it’s important to note that I’m not exactly a spiritual person and I have never seen my life flash before my eyes, but for millisecond I started to question. Luckily, my dad slammed on the breaks and the truck missed our front bumper by half and inch, close enough to rock the entire car as it flew by.

I looked over at my dad who was sitting there, nonchalantly putting his phone down as if nothing had even happened. Maybe it’s because I’ve only been driving for a few years, or maybe it’s because my dads been closer to death, but I was pretty shaken up.

The point of the story is an obvious one that’s repeated time and time again; when you’re driving, concentrate on driving. If we all just drove more responsibly than chances are there would be a heck of a lot less accidents. So on behalf of MobiMadness.com and drivers everywhere, I encourage you to drive safe and put the phone down.

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