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Pickup Line Generator Review for BlackBerry

pickup1 300x225 Pickup Line Generator Review for BlackBerryNot all of us, boys and girls alike, are born with the unique talent of being completely comfortable around the opposite sex. Chances are we’ve all, at one point, been placed into an awkward situation in which we completely and utterly failed at attempting to appeal to a person. Well those attempts would have been a lot less painless if you would’ve had an ace pick up line to use. But where can you get awesome pick up lines that are sure to work? How about from your cool Uncle Tom? Not! Try Pickup Line Generator, by Warp the Form, on your BlackBerry!

Pickup Line Generator is precisely what the name describes. It’s an app that brings hundreds of pick up lines directly to your BlackBerry phone. Say you’re in a bar and you see this gorgeous girl, or guy, at the end of the bar. Now, you don’t exactly have a history of being a “player”. But you really want to talk to this potential new mate. So, instead of walking up and stumbling over your tongue, start up the Pickup Line Generator app and browse through a bunch of lines you can use. Find one you like and test it out!

pickup2 300x225 Pickup Line Generator Review for BlackBerryThe app claims to have over 450 one of a kind pickup lines, and I believe it. I’ve browsed through the app for awhile and never found a repeat. So chances are there’s an ace line that’s perfect for your situation.

To browse through lines, just start up the app and select the only option, “random pickup line”. This will take you to a screen that’s simple yet to the point. The screen will have a completely randomly chosen pickup line in white text. Don’t like this particular one? Hit the arrow button in the corner to cycle through more.

Now, it’s hard to say whether this app would really work or not. But I think I found a solid way to test it. I selected 15 random lines from this app and tried them out on a handful of my friends who happen to be girls. Out of the 15 lines, the group of girls considered 12 of them funny. So at the very least, you’ll get a good laugh!

The interface for this app is simple and user friendly. The lines are written in white text on a black background. There’s obviously not much to look at as far as graphics go. But keep in mind, this app doesn’t require any of that to be useful.

All in all, the app achieved what it set out to do, and did it surprisingly well. It’s actually pretty entertaining and worth the $1.99. Remember, this app isn’t just for guys, girls can use it too! Will it earn a place on the average business persons BlackBerry? Probably not. But it’s definitely worth giving a shot!

Rating: 4/5 star Pickup Line Generator Review for BlackBerrystar Pickup Line Generator Review for BlackBerrystar Pickup Line Generator Review for BlackBerrystar Pickup Line Generator Review for BlackBerryblank star Pickup Line Generator Review for BlackBerry 

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