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Plazmic CDK for BlackBerry Tour Released!!

BlackBerry Tour Themes Plazmic CDK for BlackBerry Tour Released!!

Breaking News!!

BlackBerry theme developers rejoice.  If the Plazmic web site is correct, then the 4.7 CDK now supports the BlackBerry Tour 9630 and BlackBerry Curve 85200.  This means that the BlackBerry Tour themes should start rolling off the assembly line rather quickly.

** Update 1:00pm PDT ** Well looks like Plazmic has done it again.  On the home page of Plazmic.com it clearly states that the 4.7 CDK (Content Developer Kit) + Patch will make themes for the BlackBerry Tour. (see picture)

But after downloading and installing the file, nothing has changed.  The BlackBerry Tour does not show up in the list of supported devices.  There is a link to the “patch” but it’s the same file as the link to the full 4.7 CDK.  So stay tuned….

Plazmic Home Page1 Plazmic CDK for BlackBerry Tour Released!!

*** Update 2:03pm PDT ** Well finally someone at Plazmic figured out that the link to the patch was going to the original 4.7 file.  Downloading the patch now.

Let the fun begin!

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