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Poynt: The Portable Yellow Pages and Movie Guide for your BlackBerry

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I recently started using Poynt for BlackBerry and I love it. I use it every day. It has two parts, one to look up businesses and the other to look for movies in your area. Poynt automatically pinpoints your location, so when you type in what you are looking for on your BlackBerry, it shows you the closest location with how many miles away it is. If you push the navigation ball on the business you are looking for, the options come up. Poynt tells you the address, the phone number; which you click on and it will dial it for you, and gives you a map route with directions, and if a website is available for that business, you can browse that also. You can also send to a friend, and save the location to your phone.

One thing I did notice about Poynt business finder is that some things you search for won’t come up or it was never updated. I looked for used tires, and that came up with all the used tire companies in the area. But I typed in Barnes and Noble and it had no record of it, although it’s right down the street.

When searching for movies all you have to do is click on the Movies box beside the Businesses box. The menu has movies near me, theatres near me, top 10, movie genres and movie title. With the movies near me, you pick a movie, push the navigation ball and you can click on which theatres are playing that movie and you can also check out the movies details. With theatres near me, you will find the closest theatres to you. Click on it to see which movies are playing, the map route, theatre details, and the phone number.

I absolutely love this Poynt application. It really does come in handy almost every day. No more carrying around those heavy phone books or calling friends for directions or locations. Just take your BlackBerry and show off by finding things you need in the blink of an eye.

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