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PrankBerry Funny Tool Review for BlackBerry

prankberry 205x300 PrankBerry Funny Tool Review for BlackBerryOde to the human sense of humor, how the sound of the smallest amount of gaseous release can cause an infective giggle and perhaps even cause a tear to role down your eye. Enough with the poetry, plain and simple we’re talking about farts. I don’t care if who you are, a preschooler or the president of the country, when you here a fart in a quiet room you will laugh! There’s nothing better than getting an entire room of “serious” people to uncontrollably giggle because someone couldn’t control their stomach. But what if everyone is controlling their stomachs? Now you have nothing to laugh at. Well give PrankBerry, from Mobile Enchantment Studios, a try!

PrankBerry is an app that contains a bunch of obnoxious sounds you can either annoy, disgust, fool, or prank someone with! The crowd favorite sound in PrankBerry’s arsenal is a variety of different farts that have funny names like: Jack the Ripper, the Squeaker, and Turn and Burn. Each sound has a distinct, disgusting noise that’s hard to ignore. But funny as all heck to put in someone’s desk at work or school.

But how do you get close enough to place your phone? Simple you do it before your victim arrives. PrankBerry allows you to set a timer to delay the sound from playing. So you can set the timer a few minutes before your coworker gets back from lunch, hide it under his chair, and wait for the fun!

Find farts immature? Don’t worry because PrankBerry has plenty of other sounds to keep you amused! Try out the smoke detector and see how fast people can flee the building. Try playing the barking dog sound next to someone who’s been bitten by a dog! Or try hiding your phone somewhere and playing the cow sound over and over until someone catches on! Ok so the first two might be a little mean, but the possibilities for this app are endless!

The interface for this app is simple but attractive. It’s super easy to use and install. For the small price of $2.50 it would be a great purchase for pranksters or anyone who love laughing. The average business man or woman might not need it on their phone, but anyone else why not!

Rating: 4/5 star PrankBerry Funny Tool Review for BlackBerrystar PrankBerry Funny Tool Review for BlackBerrystar PrankBerry Funny Tool Review for BlackBerrystar PrankBerry Funny Tool Review for BlackBerryblank star PrankBerry Funny Tool Review for BlackBerry 

buynow cat PrankBerry Funny Tool Review for BlackBerry

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