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Another reason to NOT buy iPad – No Tethering

ipad iphone tether Another reason to NOT buy iPad   No Tethering

According to an article on PCMag.com, when Steve Jobs was recently asked whether the iPad would support tethering with the iPhone, his answer was curt and to the point, “No”.

Of course BlackBerry owners have been able to tether for quite some time now and it works remarkably well.

Sadly the only way you can tether the iPhone is if you jailbreak it.  As a matter of fact, that’s the only way to give it the functionality that BlackBerry users enjoy now.  But jailbreaking still wont allow you to use the iPhone with iPad.

Hey wait, isn’t this the same type of nonsense we used to see from Microsoft products?

Life really is circular isn’t it Bill?

[source: PCMag.com]

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