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Review of Google Maps for BlackBerry smartphone

IMG 5145 Review of Google Maps for BlackBerry smartphoneGoogle Maps on BlackBerry may be my new savior. I am someone who gets lost all the time and needs directions. I tried this BlackBerry application and it was super easy to download. It took about 30 seconds and then rebooted the BlackBerry and I was ready to go.

To test it,  I took a mini trip to town about 2 hours away and it worked well the whole way.  All I have to do is click on the Google Maps application and it pinpoints where I am, even as I was driving.  It’s not exact, but it was definitely close enough.  Apparently it uses the cell phone towers as a GPS, if you don’t have GPS on your phone.

Google Maps shows you all the streets, and landmarks in the area as well (ie, malls, parks, lakes,etc.)

When you push on the navigation ball, it comes up with different choices you can use, such as, viewing  the actual street, my favorite. It gives an actual picture of the area.

Another thing on Google Maps that I really liked was the fact that it gives you options for directions. It will show you not only driving routes but also transit routes and walking routes, with approximate time of arrival. It’s amazing.

I haven’t found anything wrong with this BlackBerry application so far, but if I do I’ll be sure to comment about it.  I would recommend Google Maps for anyone who gets lost as much as I do. What the heck, I would just recommend this for anyone. It’s a nifty, easy application that can save tons of time.

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