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RIM Strays from the Path

blackberry advertisement RIM Strays from the Path

source: BlackBerry.com

According to a recent Forbes.com article Research in Motion (RIM), maker of BlackBerry smartphones, is now directing serious advertising dollars to a market previously they could ignore, the consumer.  But the popularity of smartphones, particularly the Apple iPhone, can not be ignored and RIM obviously wants a piece of the 12 billion dollar pie that consumer markets are serving.

Once the exclusive tool of the hard charging executive, the BlackBerry smartphone has had to evolve to keep pace with competition and has moved more and more toward the consumer market by producing touch screen phones and making the BlackBerry less expensive.

An interesting tidbit that RIM recently released was that 80 percent of its new subscribers were non-business users, which points to the fact that their new strategy is working.  Personally the down side I see to this is that RIM is losing the path that brought them to where they are today.  By investing time and money into the consumer based market, they will be taking research and development dollars from their core which is the business user.  A clear example of this is RIMs foray into the touch screen arena with their disastrous BlackBerry Storm and now the upcoming BlackBerry Storm 2.  Even if the Storm 2 turns out to not be as big a disappointment as it’s predecessor, the amount of dollars that went into it’s development could have been spent in better places.

[souce: Forbes.com]

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