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Sky2 PrimeTheme Review for BlackBerry

sky2 300x225 Sky2 PrimeTheme Review for BlackBerrySince the dawn of man kind we’ve dreamed of one thing above all else, to soar among the clouds with the birds and look down upon the earth. Many Greek inventors built flying machines in an attempt to reach the heavens and fly among their gods. The Industrial revolution and WWII drove the machines of war and the minds of men to build steam powered planes to conquer the sky. And now man takes to the air millions of times a day in sleek, fast jets and airplanes. But has man lost the simplistic beauty that is the sky? Well one company has managed to secure the pure essence of this beauty, and put it directly onto BlackBerry’s world wide. Sky2 PrimeTheme from DreamTheme is your personal window to the world above.

Sky 2 PrimeTheme is a theme designed to capture the natural beauty and mysticism of the sky. The theme comes with three backgrounds, two of which are pictures of clouds from above to give you the feeling you’re walking on them, and the other is a shot of a lighting filled storm cloud. All three are beautiful in their own respects. However, my favorite is the storm cloud. This picture gives me a different feeling every time. But it always reminds me of how powerful the sky could be, but at the same time mesmerizing.

The buttons in this theme are turned simplified with light, airy colors like baby blue or a faded white. They almost have an airplane feeling to them. The usual BlackBerry stats appear somewhat smaller, but still readable, displayed across the top of the screen. The time and date are moved to the left and are turned into a more appropriate font. All in all, one feature compliments another.

I found it hard to find any major flaws in this theme. I searched high and low and found only one notable one. There are times in which it is hard to read the white text against the white cloud background. For example, if you have an incoming calling it’s displayed in white text. But some of the letters are on a white part of the background, making it hard to read. This isn’t a major flaw and certainly doesn’t ruin the theme.

There’s just something about this theme that, to me, is mesmerizing and enjoyable. I foresee a long future with this as my BlackBerry theme. I would recommend you at least check out a few screen shots and see what you think. For the price of $7.99 it is a little on the high side as far as themes go. But consider how long it will be displayed on your device and you’ll most likely think it’s worth it.

Rating: 4.5/5 star Sky2 PrimeTheme Review for BlackBerrystar Sky2 PrimeTheme Review for BlackBerrystar Sky2 PrimeTheme Review for BlackBerrystar Sky2 PrimeTheme Review for BlackBerryhalf star Sky2 PrimeTheme Review for BlackBerry 

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