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SkyClimber Game Review for BlackBerry!

skyclimber1 SkyClimber Game Review for BlackBerry!The ladder to success is seldom easy. The phrase brings on a whole new meaning when you’re talking about SkyClimber, by Backroom Software LLC. SkyClimber is a somewhat new application to the BlackBerry world. It’s filed under the puzzle or strategy section on most websites. But I would place it under the random, boring section of the games.

SkyClimber is a game based on simple rules. Bounce your ball higher and higher using the platforms. The difficulty gets harder as you climb higher, and is enhanced by less and less platforms. You’re ball automatically bounces so all you have to do is move it from left to right. You unlock different balls, platform types, and modes as you go along.

Unfortunately, you probably won’t play the game long enough to unlock anything special. Bottom line is the game is low-tech with low graphics to match. The plot of the game or lack there of, is disappointing. There’s really no incentive to keep playing. I found myself playing for a few minutes and quitting because it’s just simply not fun.

Now if you’re someone who enjoys games like Pac-Man or Snake. Then you might like this game, but if you’re used to the more high-tech games of today, then keep looking. The game is easy enough to understand and easy to install. It comes with a price of $1.49.   That’s $1.48 more than I would pay for it, but if you’re looking for something old school or vintage you might like it.

Rating: 2/5 star SkyClimber Game Review for BlackBerry!star SkyClimber Game Review for BlackBerry!blank star SkyClimber Game Review for BlackBerry!blank star SkyClimber Game Review for BlackBerry!blank star SkyClimber Game Review for BlackBerry! 

buynow cat SkyClimber Game Review for BlackBerry!

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