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Skyfire Pulls the Plug on Alpha Testers

no beta 300x138 Skyfire Pulls the Plug on Alpha Testers

In a scene reminiscent of the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld, Skyfire has announced that they are suspending their private Alpha testing program for their BlackBerry mobile browser.  Apparently some over eager Alpha testers decided that Barney was right and sharing does mean caring.  Of course this didn’t sit well with Skyfire and they subsequently cut them off at the knees or in this case at the finger tips.

Skyfire states in their press release (http://www.skyfire.com/blog/) that they were concerned that their browser was being used on BlackBerry models that it wasn’t designed for.  The natural assumption beyond this statement is that if it didn’t look or perform properly, then this news would have a negative impact on a future release.


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