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Skype Peskyspy Virus Can Record Your Calls

Nosey Kid 300x217 Skype Peskyspy Virus Can Record Your Calls

Although this is not necessarily a BlackBerry related story, it is urgent enough to warrant a quick note here at MobiMadness.  According to Symantec, the anti-virus company behind the Norton products, a Trojan virus named Peskyspy has the ability to record your calls make using the Skype phone service, convert the call to mp3 and then send it back to the attacker.

The Trojan is targeting Windows API hooks, a technique used to alter the planned behavior of  an application, which Microsoft has intended to be used by audio applications

. The Trojan compromises the machine and then through the hooking technique is able to eavesdrop on a conversation before it even reaches Skype, or any other audio application.

Although Symantec considers the threat from this as “low” because of the volume and amount of time it would take a hacker to extract any useable content from the audio, there is great concern that the exploit used to get this access will spawn big and badder virus in the future.

As a precaution, since there is no hard mitigation for the Trojan’s abilities aside from uninstalling Skype, Symantec says users should follow security best-practices, install and keep up-to-date security software, and not click on links in suspicious e-mails.

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