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Spb TV App Review: The New Portable TV

spbtv1 300x200 Spb TV App Review: The New Portable TVLet’s face it, the modern world has become over run by technology. Everywhere you look someone’s playing with the latest gadget. Remember the days when every home didn’t have a computer in it, or when phones were actually attached to the wall, or when every family only had one TV. Well now the vast majority of us carry around a gadget that combines all three of those and more in our pockets. That’s right; you can get TV directly on your BlackBerry screen. How? Spb TV for BlackBerry by SPB Software.

Are you a busy executive that’s constantly on the go and never has time to sit back, relax, and watch your favorite show? Or maybe you’re just someone that likes watching TV. Well now you don’t have to be at home to tune in. Instead, try watching your favorite shows on your phone. Spb TV is an app for BlackBerry that allows users to watch hundreds of different TV channels on their BlackBerrys.

As soon as you download the app you can start browsing through the integrated TV Guide. Surf by moving through the different channels until you find a familiar one. Then you’ll see what’s currently playing on that channel and a list of shows according to their times. The navigation is as easy as using your track ball. Once you find a show you would like to watch, click it and select play.

The show will be brought up onto full screen, with the exception of the control bar at the bottom. You can then watch the show for as long as you want. This app has absolutely no subscription fee! So the initial price covers everything!

The list of channels comes from seventeen different countries, so chances are you’ll find something you like. The only downside is, I didn’t see any channels I was familiar with on my home television. However, there were still plenty of interesting shows to watch and it might just be because of the cable package I get.

As one could expect, the quality of video and sound were lacking compared to watching regular TV. But don’t let that dissuade you; it’s definitely still good enough to watch.

All in all this was a useful, entertaining app. It’s a great time killer. For example, you’re waiting in the airport for your plane, just take out your BlackBerry and watch a little TV! I do suggest headphones though; otherwise it will be hard to hear. I recommend this app for anyone that utilizes their BlackBerry as an entertainment tool.

Rating: 4/5 star Spb TV App Review: The New Portable TVstar Spb TV App Review: The New Portable TVstar Spb TV App Review: The New Portable TVstar Spb TV App Review: The New Portable TVblank star Spb TV App Review: The New Portable TV 

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