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Star Exercise Assistant review for BlackBerry

starecercise Star Exercise Assistant review for BlackBerryThe gym, for some it’s our worst enemy, and for others it’s a safe haven. Either way you look at it exercise is healthy for you. But if you’re someone who finds it impossible to keep track of everything you do fitness wise then you might want to look for something to help you keep track. But you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars a month on an expensive personal trainer, or try building your own chart and schedule that you’ll never stick to. Well now you can get a program directly on your BlackBerry that can help you keep track of your fitness facts and other details. Introducing Star Exercise Assistant for BlackBerry.

Star Exercise Assistant, from Sparkle Solutions, Inc. is the very first type of application like this I’ve reviewed. Star Exercise is designed to keep track of everything from measurements, to work outs, and cardio. The amount of information this application can hold and update is amazing.

Let’s start with measurements. This application can hold countless personal stats like: weight, BMI, heart rate, body fat, and numerous other body part measurements. You can compare your measurements on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to track progress. It’s simple to enter this data into your phone and is easy to view and bring up at anytime.

Next, let’s go to work outs. This app lets you make a schedule of your various work outs. Lists your work out on the days you normally do them, then list what type of activity it is, how long you do it for, and the distance you typically go. This is a great way to maintain a set schedule. If you see it on a screen, your more likely to actually do it then opposed to just thinking about it. And it also allows for more customization of your work out. You don’t have to follow pre-made fitness charts!

Last we have cardio, similar to work outs but different. Cardio is a section on its own because you need an equal balance of cardio and workouts in your exercise schedule for best results. In the cardio section of this app, you can track distance, time, rate, and performance, along with a bunch of other features. You can select from a long list of cardio activities from mountain biking to rowing to rock climbing. Most experts would agree that cardio is one of the hardest things to stick to, so this app might be worth buying just for this section.

As far as appearance goes, this app lacks. I understand that they were attempting to give it a professional look, but that doesn’t mean you have to make it ugly. The text is blotchy and the colors are disgusting. But it’s for work outs, so I suppose it doesn’t have to be pretty!

I would recommend this application for those gym rats or athletes among the BlackBerry owners. But I would also suggest that you give it a try if you’re trying to become active. Maybe a schedule will be the thing that keeps you going. The price is a little steep at $11.99, but compared to a personal trainer it’s a steal!

Rating: 4.5/5 star Star Exercise Assistant review for BlackBerrystar Star Exercise Assistant review for BlackBerrystar Star Exercise Assistant review for BlackBerrystar Star Exercise Assistant review for BlackBerryhalf star Star Exercise Assistant review for BlackBerry 

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