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Swine Flu Game Review

swineflu1 Swine Flu Game ReviewEveryday the world is all looking on to see what will happen next with the H1-N1 virus, or Swine Flu. Will it end the world? Or will it just blow over as another fluke. Well unfortunately BlackBerry doesn’t yet have an application to predict what the outcome of swine flu will be. However, it does have a game that enables you to have a little fun with the virus.

Swine Flu from MLH software is a game that makes fun of the virus. You are a man cloaked in a hazmat suit and armed with a shotgun. Your goal is to blast away all infected flying pigs that stand, or hover, in your path. However, the pigs can fight back with toxic feces. You control your person with the accelerometer (or trackball) and shoot with either the right convenience key, left convenience key, or send key.

As you can see from the picture, the graphics are anything but good. On a scale of one to ten they’re about a two. It’s obvious the developers hurried to get this game out and didn’t take much time. The game play itself is entertaining for a period of time. But because there’s no reward, other than points, for slaughtering more and more pigs then it gets old fast!

I would recommend this game for anyone who likes boring, low graphic, pointless games. Anyone else would find it a waste of money. Maybe if the price wasn’t so high, $2.99, then it would be worth it. But right now it’s not worth it.

Rating: 1/5 star Swine Flu Game Reviewblank star Swine Flu Game Reviewblank star Swine Flu Game Reviewblank star Swine Flu Game Reviewblank star Swine Flu Game Review 

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