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Teens and BlackBerrys: Why Your Teen’s Better off with Berry

You can’t walk into a high school class room today without spotting a few kids texting under their desks. Cell phones have become as much as a part of a teen’s life as shaky relationships and acne. As a teen myself I will admit you will rarely find me without my phone, I even sleep with it under my pillow. But if your thinking about getting your teen their first cell phone there’s a couple things you might want to consider. First of all durability, you don’t want them breaking their phone every other month. Second of all think about what they’ll be using it for. And lastly, you have to think about practicality.blackberyboy 200x300 Teens and BlackBerrys: Why Your Teen’s Better off with Berry

For starters, you want to get your teen a phone that will last long. I’ve been through the treacherous halls of high school and I know first hand how badly your phone can be butchered. I’ll admit that my BlackBerry has taken a trip or two down the stairs, been dropped countless times, and has even survived the dirt and grime of science class. But can your sons or daughters phone say the same? Nowadays, phones are becoming more sleek and skinny giving them a sensory pleasing look. However, were sacrificing durability for style. Fortunately, BlackBerry offers both durability and style for all their models. I can confidently say that my BlackBerry is a stylish, tank of a phone that has stood the test of time. And the best part is, with the various ranges of phones from BlackBerry, your teen is sure to find a style that fits them.

texting 300x174 Teens and BlackBerrys: Why Your Teen’s Better off with BerryNext, consider what your teen will be doing with their phone. The reality is they won’t be making very many calls. It’s sad to think that the phone was created for talking, yet the majority of today’s society texts more than anything. However, make sure you think about this when your teen is browsing for phones. Your teen will most likely be set on getting a phone with a keyboard, and although you might be a little apprehensive at first, don’t be. Phones with keyboards are designed for texting, meaning they can and will last longer than phones without a keyboard. So don’t hesitate to spend a few extra bucks because in the long run it will be a better investment and your teen will love you!

Lastly, your teen’s phone has to be practical. Now, almost everyone assumes that teen’s don’t need all the fancy and expensive features that BlackBerry has standard. However, the truth is BlackBerry’s are cost effective and very practical for the average teen. Because BlackBerry is the premiere choice for business people world wide, they have the reputation of being extremely expensive. Although it’s true that BlackBerry’s can get expensive, so can most phones. Obviously your teen doesn’t need the most expensive model available, but the good thing about the BlackBerry brand is that the least expensive model is comparable to top of the line models of other phones. Meaning, you can get a BlackBerry for about the same price as a nice Motorola or LG phone. Furthermore, BlackBerry has countless features included in that prices like the ability to customize your phone with apps.blackberrys 300x224 Teens and BlackBerrys: Why Your Teen’s Better off with Berry

So if you’re looking for a phone that you and your teen will love, give BlackBerry a try. Chances are you’ll find a model and plan that’s perfect for you and you’ll become the hero of your teen. And you won’t break the bank in the process.

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