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One Terrabyte of Storage on your BlackBerry Smartphone?

one terabyte sd card One Terrabyte of Storage on your BlackBerry Smartphone?

Do you have your 8gb SD card on your BlackBerry smartphone full of music, pictures and videos?  Well you are in luck because North Carolina State University engineers announced that they have created a new material that would give a postage stamp sized chip the ability to hold one terabyte (1000gb) of information.

“Instead of making a chip that stores 20 gigabytes, you have one that can handle one terabyte, or 50 times more data,” Narayan says.

The engineering process used to realize this huge increase in storage capacity could also help by harnessing energy of spinning electrons.  This is a huge step forward over the current method which is limited by the heat created, but the spinning of electrons creates no heat.

Narayan also says the same method could be used to create ceramic engines for cars that would get 80 miles per gallon.

This is definitely worth watching in the future.

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