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The Government will Save Us from Ourselves!

Death of Liberty The Government will Save Us from Ourselves!

Phil Goldstein at FierceWireless.com reported that the Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood, supports a ban on texting while driving.  I for one am happy to see this sort of government control finally implemented on us mindless knaves who obviously need this sort of far reaching safeguard to protect us from ourselves.  Where would we be if the government didn’t tell us what to wear, who to worship and when to take a crap, seriously?  Heck I even have some suggestions;  How about the government tell me where to shop, limit my ability to own more than one phone, or really help out by monitoring what I do on the internet 24/7.  Because let’s be honest, we are all a bunch of inbred retards who need the geniuses in Washington to watch over us, right?

The sad news is that most of you will ignore the possibility that any of this means you are losing civil liberties and cheer while you are being ushered off to the work camps.

The article did point out one sane dissenter and that was Jonathan Adkins at The Governors Highway Safety Association, who was reported to have said, “We think states can handle their own problems without federal mandates”.  What a novel idea.  Be careful Jonathan, this sort of crazy thinking might actually catch on.

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Daniel Black is the President and CEO of MobiMadness, Inc. Over the last 4 decades Dan has been an IT Director, Project Manager, Firefighter, EMT, and Army Staff Sergeant (retired).

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  1. blackstrat says:

    I drive semi, coast to coast… Several states have a ban on cell phone use unless you are using bluetooth. Some states already ban texting while driving.

    Where as I hate to see where this country is currently heading, I do support this… I’m certain if they try and keep the core values of this country in tact, we can get by without texting while driving.

  2. Daniel Black says:

    I hope you are right, but to me, legislating something as simple as texting while driving seems like the first small shots of a much larger cannon.

  3. Daniel Black says:

    Hey how do you like the photo? That’s an original created from 3 separate photos: a picture of the entrance to a concentration camp, a girl with a hand over her mouth, and a BlackBerry Tour.

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