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The OtterBox Defender is the M1 Tank of BlackBerry Cases

Otter Bomb Final 300x235 The OtterBox Defender is the M1 Tank of BlackBerry CasesHaving been spent the last three decades as a Firefighter, Cop and Soldier, I can tell you one thing I want from any piece of equipment is for it to be tough.  I love my BlackBerry Tour, but honestly it’s soft.  What I mean by that is whenever I have it out of its case, I feel like it’s only one short drop away from becoming a very expensive paperweight.

So when I spoke to Kelly Richardson at OtterBox and she asked me which case I would like to review, I said, “send me a rugged one”, which is exactly what she did.

The Defender (aptly named) Series of Cases from OtterBox are the M1 Tank of cell phone protection.   From the first moment I pulled it from the packaging I knew this was the case of all cases.

Unlike the bikes I spent hours and hours assembling, every year for birthdays and Christmas, the OtterBox Defender Case was a breeze to integrate with my BlackBerry.  There are really only two major components, the case itself and the holster.

Unopened 225x300 The OtterBox Defender is the M1 Tank of BlackBerry CasesThe holster is made out of black molded plastic and has a sturdy rotating belt clip built already attached.  The actual case for the BlackBerry Tour is pure perfection.  The most amazing part was how well the rubber skin (layer 1), fit perfectly up against the plastic shell (layer 2).

After removing the rubber covering, I proceeded to open the plastic case.  Opening the two halves is a little tricky but here is how:  The case is primarily held in place by two plastic clips on the bottom.  Just turn it over in your hands and push downwards on the front cover while holding the back cover in place.

The screen protection (layer 3) is built-in to the front cover of the plastic case and to cover the keyboard they provide a clear plastic membrane.  Although the keyboard cover is very form fitting, I ultimately chose to not use it, because I found I preferred the direct touch of the keyboard.  This is mostly a personal preference on my part but you should understand that not having this in place does compromise the integrity of the case and could allow dust and moisture to get on the keys.

Before you actually insert your BlackBerry, I would recommend that you clean your phone thoroughly, especially the screen.  Once it’s in place and firmly locked it in, that one finger print you left, will drive you crazy.

Reassembly was a snap, literally. Just place your BlackBerry into the plastic cocoon of protection, close the two plastic halves and then wrap the rubber skin around the whole thing.

Now the functional review begins and my first thought is that that my BlackBerry now looks darned near indestructible.   I was afraid all of that ruggedness would look bad, but the weird thing is that somehow Otterbox made a case that could withstand a small nuclear explosion look stylish. (Disclaimer: Ability to withstand a small nuclear explosion is only the opinion of the delusional reviewer and not that of OtterBox)

The thing I especially liked about the case was the way the areas around the keyboard and screen are beveled outwards to allow Assembled 244x300 The OtterBox Defender is the M1 Tank of BlackBerry Casesmaximum access to both.  It should be noted that the case does not obscure the view of the screen and the clear plastic screen cover was almost undetectable during viewing.

The feel of the case when holstered is darned near perfect.  It’s not too difficult to remove, but not loose enough to fall out.

There is a small matter of added weight, but it is well worth it for the protection that comes with it.

All in all, I really like this case and highly recommend it for everyone from the outdoor enthusiast to the business professional.

Go to the OtterBox site today and wrap some protection around your BlackBerry.


Rating: 4.75/5 star The OtterBox Defender is the M1 Tank of BlackBerry Casesstar The OtterBox Defender is the M1 Tank of BlackBerry Casesstar The OtterBox Defender is the M1 Tank of BlackBerry Casesstar The OtterBox Defender is the M1 Tank of BlackBerry Casesthreequarter star The OtterBox Defender is the M1 Tank of BlackBerry Cases 

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Daniel Black is the President and CEO of MobiMadness, Inc. Over the last 4 decades Dan has been an IT Director, Project Manager, Firefighter, EMT, and Army Staff Sergeant (retired).

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